Monday, August 29, 2016


T/N: "approaching" can also mean "long legs"

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1. [+2272, -137]
I would believe it if she was siblings with Park Shinhye

2. [+1865, -52]
I was wondering if she could get far with them pushing her sexy image? But after watching 'Age of Youth', she totally was bursting with girl crush vibes!! Pretty

3. [+1697, -52]
I saw her under a new light in 'Age of Youth'!! She's pretty and her acting is natural

4. [+1060, -52]
Wow seriously pretty

5. [+981, -39]
Ex-T-ara member Ryu Hwayoung... and she was born into an actress after playing the Kang unnie role... She's totally gotten rid of her association with T-ara... her acting force...

6. [+664, -31]
Girls have higher standards than guys (I'm a girl by the way), but she's seriously pretty. There's nothing lacking in terms of her face, body and skin. Even as a fellow woman, I am in awe.Her face suits acting way more than being an idol. So she wasn't just a T-ara doll~ I wish her success. Fighting~

7. [+642, -26]
It's Kang unnieㅋㅋ I enjoyed your drama <3

8. [+530, -33]
I enjoyed watching 'Age of Youth'! haha. She suits being an actress more than an idol

9. [+530, -33]
No matter what went wrong in the past, I wish her to walk the flower path from now on~


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