Thursday, September 1, 2016


The plot has to do with Kang Haneul being an idol

Mains: Kang Haneul & Hyeri
Sides: Chanyeol, Lee Sunbin, Caolu, Kan Miyeon, Zhang Yuan, Oh Jungsae

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1. this is wrong... If they want to put someone acting as an idol as a main they should've just went for an idol instead... no no..

2. Zhang Yuan? The Zhang Yuan that I like...?

3. I was thinking that I'll watch it for Kang Haneul but...

4. Kang Haneul doesn't suit idols...

5. No...

6. That guy really looks like Zhang Yuan so I went huh...?? Is that really Zhang Yuan..?

7. SM really want to be in a deficit or what...ㅠㅠ

8. Don't think I'll watch it...

9. Huh??? Our Chanyeolie??? Why do I only know it now??

10. The only actor of the bunch is Kang Haneul...


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