Saturday, October 8, 2016


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Age: 24 I’m not really proud of this but I want your honest advice so I decided to speak about it.It's a long one sorry. I’m 24 and never had a boyfriend. Not like I want one now either. I’ve been single since birth so I have a solid sense of independency and have low interest on relationships. But I have gone out with a few guys several times before, many times actually… And if you ask why those don’t lead to serious relationships? Well, let’s just say there’s always a bit of a problem from the guy’s side. They’re TAKEN. Yes with girlfriends and one guy was even engaged. You might be thinking of getting your torches and pitchforks ready or travel through the computer screen to slap the hell out of me, but I guess I really need that help. I need help. Do I know they’re in a relationship? Some of them yes, while the others, I found it out later on. The guys are all inside my acquaintances circle, so they all started with Hellos on chat. A bit of How Are You’s, and catch ups on how life has been. I’m kinda boyish so I have interests on sports, skateboards, surf boarding, games, and that’s usually where our conversations revolve the most. Oh I also travel a lot so we get to talk about that too. Of course on that level, I know he’s just being friendly. My intentions are also pure, just kind friendly responses to all his questions. That’s it! I’m just being nice. Then suddenly they would invite me to movies, eat out, go out to play, travel to surf, just the two of us and I don’t know why I say yes to all of those. Maybe because I don’t want to think as if I’m assuming things to feel uncomfortable on that set up, maybe it’s really just a friendly invite. He’s probably just going to be a guy friend – platonic relationship. That’s majority what I thought. But then, things go odd when late night video calls and routine chats get involved. Skinship I shouldn’t be getting. And sweet words I shouldn’t be hearing. That’s always the time when I know I would get in trouble once caught. I’m aware of the girlfriends but I do not think I am a third party as I do not put in any malice or ill intentions on any of my actions. But I always feel like I am. Take note, 6 guys that came by my life all have the same situation. They all ended when I decided to cut the communication and get away. ( I no longer reply to messages and invites) The guys seem to be not bothered by it anyway, so I guess they don’t really like me all along. So I don’t know what all those things that happened are. My guy friends (who are blunt AF) says because I’m a bootycall material kind of girl. The one with no-strings-attached kind of girl, so that’s why they might be interested. Fck. I don’t even know what I’m doing… TT TT Now I wonder why isn’t there a decent single man out there for me? Why do I always have to be approached by the taken guys?

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