Saturday, October 1, 2016


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Age: 14

Hello, I am 14 (I know, I'm young). There are probably people with the same problem but I have never had a best friend, or someone that i can rely on. Most people have someone that they can really talk to and express their feelings to. I don't really have that. It's not that I'm not close to my mom or sister, it's just that my sister doesn't really care and my mom and I have too different of opinions. I had 2 close friends from kindergarten to 3rd grade until I moved. I made friends in my new school, but I never grew close enough to keep contact after 5th grade. I'm now in my 8th grade year, have a group of friends who are nice, but to be honest, I don't really "fit in", where they are really into gaming, anime, and memes and I truly only like that stuff a little bit. I know I'm still young and have time to meet new people, but i can't help but feel sad when I realize that I can't and don't have anyone open up to. Don't you ever feel the same?

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