Wednesday, November 16, 2016


1. They cut the broadcast in the middle of VIXX's performance (freaking hopeless)
Block B did 3 songs back to back without any rest, but their performances didn't get broadcasted
Only the part where they were leaving the stage was broadcasted

2. They decided to cast boring MCs and they were rude on top of it
They laughed at Ryu Junyeol giving his award speech in English as if they were belittling him
They were calling Jo Jinwoong an uncle and asking  him if he was exhausted
They kept bringing that up and acting rude

3. When they were introducing BTS,
the screen's caption read "They embezzled/stole the 26th place on Billboard's chart"
(t/n: basically they worded as if they "snatched" it and that they took the 26th place by "cheating")

4. They had no idea as to what to do with the sound system and the camera
when Blackpink were doing their stage, the sound suddenly speed up 2x as a fast
and you couldn't hear anything from their mics

5. They said that the award was 100% based on votes
but the results were different from the votes
they already knew who the winners were
if so why did they made the people pay to vote?

6. The overall atmosphere was a mess, when the artists were performing you could hear the staffs talking

7. The MCs kept doing inside jokes and dragging the time

8. The most hilarious part = The artists who won the awards had to take the awards by themselves and come up on stage with itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  It's the first time seeing an award ceremony doing something like that

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ㅇㅇ |2016.11.16 22:03 신고하기
Did anyone hear someone screaming "Ah! Just sit down already!" When EXO were about to perform Lotto near the end?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's the first time seeing such s*tty sound system in an award ceremony

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.16 23:02 신고하기
Here's the meaning for "embezzlement" (t/n: the word they used for BTS' caption)
t/n: embezzlement of the public's money
ㅇㅇ |2016.11.16 21:37 신고하기
My expressions were so stiff when I watched that camera guy swinging his head around and skipping so much stage time because of that, and the sound system was just hopelessㅋㅋ I went on Youtube to watch Blackpink's stage and it was so bad, and this is only one stageㅋㅋㅋI think I might throw up if I watched the whole thing f*ck

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.16 22:01 신고하기
When Jo Jinwoong was giving his speech he said that this award should be changed, I think he spoke the right words..

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.17 00:01 신고하기
If not for Kim Namjoon's "army army army" I would've skipped the whole AAA ..ㅎ This was seriously the worst of the worst

ㅇㅇ |2016.11.16 23:12 신고하기
Crazy what are they insinuating with the "embezzlement"?;


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