Wednesday, December 21, 2016


T/N: We're not sure if you guys like these polls so we'll just post it in case :) the pictures were a bit hard to copy so we'll take our own pictures ><  also keep in mind that these polls are still ongoing. We'll just do the top 10 otherwise, it will be too long XD Lastly, there are only 3 top comments so don't be taken aback for the lack of comments!

1. Sang Hwa (Ma Donseok) - Train to Busan - 26.1%
Image result for ma dong seok train to busan

2. Il Gwang (Hwang Jungmin) - The Wailing - 14.2%
Image result for il kwang the wailing

3. Hyungok (Yoo Haejin) - Lucky - 13.1%
Image result for yoo haejin lucky

4. Hideko (Kim Minhee) - The Handmaiden - 8.6%
Image result for kim min hee the handmaiden

5. Go Dooyoung (Do Kyungsoo) - Hyung - 7.6%
Image result for d.o hyung movie

6. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) - Suicide Squad - 7.4%
Image result for margot robbie harley quinn

7. Jungsoo (Ha Jungwoo) - Tunnel - 7.3%
Image result for ha jungwoo tunnel

8. Hsu Tai-Yu (Darren Wang) - Our Times - 7%
Image result for darren wang our times

9. Lee Jungchul (Song Kangho) - The Age of Shadows - 4.6%
Image result for song kang ho age of shadows

10. Spider-Man (Tom Holland) - Spider-Man: Homecoming - 2.3%
Image result for tom holland spiderman suit

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1. [+1210, -64]
Gong Yoo had 3 projects this year but he's not even in this list onceㅋㅋ;
> To be honest, Gong Yoo's character didn't stood out for me in 'Train to Busan'
> Kim Yisung and Ma Dongseok for 'Train to Busan' and Song Kangho for 'The Wailing'.. somehow, they were stronger
> Even if 'Train to Busan' was popular overseas, Gong Yoo received backlash for his dull acting

2. [+771, -39]
Kim Hwanhee shined more than Hwang Jungmin in 'The Wailing'. And shouldn't Kunimura Jun be there too?

3. [+421, -79]
Dooyoung is seriously such a stan attractor


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