Friday, December 23, 2016


Age: 20

I don’t know how to start , sometimes I feel bad of thinking like that I have 2 older sisters who are married, both of them sleep in our house every weekend. The 1st one ( the eldest ) because her husband went to countryside to visit his mother, the 2nd one try to copy the eldest ( what I assumed ) I have problem with 2nd one and the story is about her I reaaaaaaaally hate her , everyday I hope she will die, all my sisters hate her and I think my brother hates her but he never tells her since he tries to act like the big bother. Everyone I know for example my relative try not to interact with her a lot and if she talks with them, they try to keep it short. She never respects the elders : one day we went to family trip with my grandma for a week. My grandma sometimes gets mad at us or nags at us. We understand her because she’s old ! On the last day of the trip when my grandmother nagged at us, my sis raised her voice and yelled at her and everyone was shocked. Whenever she fights with her husband, she comes to our house and yells at my parents and gets mad as if they were the cause of her anger. Before her marriage, whenever she loses something she would say that if she can't find it, she will beat us. And every time she beats me or my younger brother because we are the youngest One day, my other sis and I went to shop with my aunt. We rode the car and came 10 min late and she was mad at us and began to hit my aunt. Last thing. Today, she was working on a project and her son was playing around and touched her papers by accident. She then started to hit him and scream at him. He's not even 2 years old. She fights with everyone without reason, that's why no one wants to interact with her. The problem here is like I mention, I wish her to die. I think about poisoning her and killing her but those ideas make me feel bad and I'm stressed because of that. I told my parents to not make her stay here every week. My dad has stress issues now and I think that it's because of her. I need advice on how to remove those idea of wanting to kill her TT TT

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