Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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1. Please be careful next time

2. But don't you just let your seat away if you see a pregnant woman? Everyone sits there anyways
 > Normally, the basic principle is that you have to leave that one empty!
  > Ah for real?

3. Amazing of you for taking a picture when he's obviously looking at you..

4. Aigo I hope he'll be more carefulㅜㅜㅜ  I saw a guy today sitting on that seat and it caught me off

5. Just reading the comments here, there are so many people who don't seem to know that this is basic etiquette... I hope he'll be more careful next time, but I don't think it's worth starting a personalities controversy over this!
 > There are a lot of people who don't know just like there are a lot of people who know it, I don't think we should make a controversy out of this either, but you shouldn't assume that most people don't know

6. I don't think that we should make a controversy out of this, but I also don't think that you guys should excessively shield him for that As a fan, take this opportunity to learn and fix your own habit

7. Looks like he'll sit there until the end, this just shows that our country has low level of manners, I seriously never seen this seat empty when I take the subway

8. But if there's no one, can't you sit down...????
 > No it's meant to be empty
 > Don't think of it as a crime if you sit there, but it's just something ethical to do?

9. Take a commoner in this situation, he would've gotten so much sworn at, he's getting out lucky

10. Aigoo-yah, I think he does it because everyone does itㅜㅜㅜ I hope no one will sit there...


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