Tuesday, January 3, 2017


"Goo Hara's birthday"

"Hara jjing, thank you for being born"

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1. The more she goes, the more I wonder what she's doing.... I kinda pity her.. If I was Sulli's friend I would try to counsel her

2. Ah seriously she's one of the most severe celebrity there is out there

3. The more people talk about her, the more she'll keep going at it... Amazing seriously

4. The way she manages her image is no joke....

5. As soon as I saw it... I thought she really lost her mind..

6. Goo Hara is f*cking pretty

7. I seriously wonder what kind of reaction she was expecting from posting these pictures

8. I seriously wonder what she did to become like that, I pity her

9. You're already pretty, why are you like this Jinri-yah...


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