Monday, February 6, 2017


Before gaining weight

After gaining 10kg

Before: as expected, people need to lose weight
After: as expected, people need some weight on
Conclusion: as expected, people need to be Kang Dongwon...ㅠ

In order to fit in the character he had to play for a movie, he needed to adjust his body so that he could fit in the role.

When he played in 'The Priest': 71-72 kg
When he played in 'A Violent Prosecutor': 68-69 kg
When he played in 'Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned': 65 kg
And lastly, when he played in 'Master' right after the movie above: 75kg

T/N: for those who are curious, Vanishing time was released in Nov 2016 while Master was released in Dec 2016!

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1. Dongwon is everything...

2. Wow so cool....

3. Oppa is everything

4. I was in admiration every time he had screen time in Master... how can you say that your suit fit was bad oppa....

5. Cu...cute.... cute...

6. Guh.... *applause*

7. If it's Kang Dongwon then....

8. I don't know what else he is apart from 'handsome'.... Kang Dongwon is everything

9. Tuna is everything. I personally find him cooler with weight on

10. Wow he's the best...


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