Tuesday, March 14, 2017


(T/N: "let's walk the check road". The saying usually goes like "let's walk the flower path/road". For those who don't know what "check" is, please watch his Superstar K audition ^^)

I'm not even joking but I think that he'll be able to debut in Produce 101

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1. There are a lot of people who genuinely support him and also a lot who are voting for him as a joke so I think that it's possible

2. Moonbok-ahㅠㅠ Let's walk the debut roadㅠㅠ

3. At first I was just joking but the more I see him, the more I find him cute

4. Where can you buy that slogan?????

5. I find him cute though

6. His looks stand out more because of his long hair but even in his past pictures, he was already handsome

7. I'm choosing Moonbok

8. Does he have a good personality??
> yes

9. I don't understand the people who will vote for him as a joke, people should vote for those with skills... but of course, if Moonbok has the skills, I'll vote for him!!!!

10. He was ridiculed by the whole country when he appeared on Superstar K so seeing him standing firm and accepting a new challenge really makes him cool. I'm not lying. It looks like he's resolute in walking his own path!!


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