Wednesday, March 15, 2017


First of all, I’m a 29 y.o woman who’s in a 5-year relationship. I’ve been in a relationship for quite a while right? Because of his job, he spends he constantly goes in and out the country and we’ve been maintaining a long-distance relationship.

The reason we’ve been able to maintain our relationship is because we deeply trust each other. He trusts the fact that I won’t be slacking off behind his back and I think the same about him. To be honest, that’s all I wish for us. Although I could go through his phone and his contacts to see if he’s hiding things from me, I don’t want to do such things. I think that doing so will just break the trust that’s between us. Even though we trust each other, if there’s anything, I’d rather us talking it out.

Right now, I think that my boyfriend is preparing his proposal. In other words, I’m probably gonna get married.

I trust my boyfriend. I think I do… We’ve come so far together but nowadays, I began to have some doubts from time to time. Is he REALLY the guy I know……? Of course, I don’t question his love for me at all but will he 100% love me? Will 1% of him start to like another woman…….?

Ha… nowadays, there are so many freaky stories on the internet and in the news…… I’m having weird thoughts…………..

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ㅇ |2017.03.13 18:11 신고하기
A man only represents a fourth of me.. if he’s not here anymore, the 3 others can fill in. Since my life is mine anyways, never 100% trust a man, don’t even let a guy get 10% of you. 

남자 김칫국 |2017.03.13 17:27 신고하기
“Right now, I think that my boyfriend is preparing his proposal” ============ he might also be proposing to someone else

남자 헐 |2017.03.13 13:57 신고하기
I’m a guy but seeing the actions of my married friends around me kinda shocked me. The stories that my married friends tell me are seriously worth listening to. Even though they are married, a lot of them have a side lover?... seriously the saying that you can’t trust anyone in this world is true. I’m not married yet so I don’t know everything but will I become like that once I get married too? Personally, from what I see, if you are someone who likes to drink, there’s a 70% more chance that you’ll end up being someone like that

ㅠㅠ |2017.03.13 21:10 신고하기
Someone at our jobㅋㅋㅋ he pretends to be such a devoted husband but when he’s on business trips, he goes to motels and call other girls in and go hit the bars. Seriously those kind of guys existand they are just newly marriedㅋㅋㅋ his wife wakes up early in the morning and goes to work and she’s even good at doing houseworkㅋㅋㅋㅋ she doesn’t even nag at him…. Seeing how his wife doesn’t know anything and even makes sandwiches and kimbap for the people at work makes me pity her… sigh, I have a boyfriend too but seeing their situation… I can’t trust my boyfriend…


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