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I was an avid watcher of P101 S1 and I was wondering who would become the male IOI among the S2 members.

This was done subjectively so please don't take it too seriously.

 In no particular order!

1. Jun Somi = Kim Samuel

They became trainees at a young age, and have been on broadcast ever since their trainee days
They are both mixed-blood + are considered among the top in terms of skills
They have facial features that are very unique to themselves
They are both overflowing with confidence have bright personalities which are similar

2. Kim Sejung = Kang Daniel

If you watch them, their smiling faces put you in a good mood
Their charms attract both muggles and fans since they give a good impression, thus, they get a great amount of votes!
They have lots of skills so they gather both male and female fans

3. Choi Yoojung = Lee Daewhi

It's a bit expected but they both have a lot of energy and are stan-attractors
They were the center for P101's first stage! They are idols who makes you go "who's that?"
They excel in both singing and dancing!

4. Kim Chungha = Ong Sungwoo

They are the quiet A-class members. And maintained their top status since the first broadcast with their level test!
Their charisma on their first evaluation stage gave off a strong impression
They are both good at dancing and singing
They are also famous among their respective sexes

5. Kim Sohye = Yoo Seonho

They are both young, and their visuals are charming
Kim Sohye = penguin, Yoo Seonho = little chick
Their looks are kinda similar overall
They both had short trainee days, and captured the viewers' hearts with their charms

6. Joo Kyulkyung - Lai Guanlin

They are foreigners, have innocent personality, suit sexy concepts and are considered the tops in terms of visuals! Kyulkyung's Full Moon stage and Guanlin's Fear stage give off similar vibes! (And they were both centers)
You never get tired of their visuals

7. Jung Chaeyeon = Park Jihoon

Ending fairies! (Just saying this explains everything)
Their looks get a lot of mixed opinions
Jung Chaeyeon would look good as a man and Park Jihoon would look good as a girl
They both quietly work hard

8. Kim Doyeon = Hwang Minhyun

The tops when it comes to bodies!
They have a weirdly refreshing aura (luxurious and cat-like)
They are both skillful! They look kinda cold but they take a lot of care of the people around them

9. Kang Mina = Joo Haknyeon

Freaking cute
They have charms that attract the uncle/nuna fans
They mastered fan services!!!
They have good expressions + they are both from Jeju!

10. Im Nayoung = Kim Jonghyun

Born leaders!
Both are in the rap position! They are both quiet out of consideration for their members but their perseverance makes you want to cheer them on and are both excelling in the looks and proportions department!
They are both very relaxed during their interviews

11. Yoo Yeonjeong = Kim Jaehwan, Park Woodam

This was very difficult...
To be honest, both of them have good vocal skills and if I were to pick a high-ranked member, it would be Kim Jaehwan. But since Park Woodam ranked 1st for vocals, I put them both together!
But to be honest, I think that Kim Jaehwan fits the idol image more

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ㅇ |2017.05.14 13:48 신고하기
Oh for real, this is the most accurate comparison post so far

ㅇㅇ |2017.05.14 13:13 신고하기
Oh seriously, this is the most alike one

ㅇㅇ |2017.05.14 13:17 신고하기
Wow this is so well-done, let's get this post to the featured post section

ㅇㅇ |2017.05.14 19:48 신고하기
I'm upvoting this. I was hoping to see Kang Daniel for Kim Sejung since his eyesmile was so pretty ever since ep.1. Please vote for him ~~~

ㅇㅇ |2017.05.14 20:26 신고하기
But don't you think that Kim Sohee kinda have similar vibes to Im Youngmin??? Although she's not in I.O.I... But she was still from P101 S1... Both of them are always bright and alert and look like a deer. They also have good skills... Quick Paca...

ㅇㅇ |2017.05.14 19:03 신고하기
Joo Kyulkyung and Lai Guanlin is a bit meh... since Kyulkyung has skills


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