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This trainee currently is the hot topic in P101 S2 because of the recent 'Concept Evaluation'. People have started to give Joo Haknyeon even more interest(?) ever since the 'Open Up' stageㅇㅇ

People are saying how he has no skills, he's too greedy, he makes too many mistakes on stage, he tries to overshadow other trainees on stage, etc. I do feel like these criticism are valid but the issue now is that people are taking it too far;;;

"If you want to see your dad, then just go follow him. Why are you crying you pig?"
"Just go follow your dad... it's a waste for you to be breathing the same air as us"
"He's ugly, has no skills, his personality is trash... I wonder why he was like that. It's because he doesn't have a dad"
"His mom cries every night with a pig, so sadㅜㅜ"

It's even hard for me to read these tweets, these parental jokes are too much;;; for reference, Joo Haknyeon's dad passed away last year;;;;

This isn't everything. There was a clarification post about Joo Haknyeon "hiding" other trainees' faces on stage but...

To summarize, the affected trainee was originally supposed to move there. The fact that it looked like Joo Haknyeon was trying to hide that trainee's face was due to the camera angle. Yo can see it in the rehearsal video.

But people were too furious against him. Just look at the amount of dislikes on that clarification postㅋㅋㅋ no but just hate on the facts insteadㅋㅋㅋ people who were mad against him just replied with "the post is too long", "so what?" or "we're not bashing him because of that".

"I got the feeling that Joo Haknyeon was pretending to be kind and was just acting, as expected. From now, it's not even acting anymore, he just gives off a wicked feeling."
"I don't know if people are voting for his face...; I get that people do this for Guanlin, Hyungseob and Jinyoung but to say that they vote for Joo Haknyeon because of his face... I used to think that he was refreshing but as the show progresses, rather than finding him refreshing, he looks more like a man to me. Like someone who would make you submit to him...;"

And that's not only on PANNㅋㅋ he's getting personal attacks on all communities

(T/N: no sure why people call him 주학래/Joo Hakrae. We'll just translate a few of the comments since there are some sexual slangs that we don't really understand :/)
"What's up with him?"
"Ah he's such a f*cker"
"He's looking more and more like a f*cker"
"His personality is trash and people vote for him just for his face tsk tsk"
"His chin keeps growing out"
"He's gonna cut his chin off"
"Ah he's so ugly, f*ck"
"Ah f*ck, I'm so furious. Seriously, Joo Haknyeon is always causing trouble here and there and he's so f*cking gly. I f*cking hate him. He even harmed my XX? That f*cker has so much screen time and our XX is the center but barely came on screen and he still hides him? What's funnier is that in the ending, when every one has a camera shot, he was the only one blowing a kiss. F*cking none sense, seriously."

Of course, I understand if people criticize him for having no skills or being greedy. But seriously, you can't criticize him for trying to hide another trainee on stage. That's just a fact. But, I'll never understand people who makes sexual comments about him..

I seriously hope that Joo Haknyeon doesn't search himself up on the Internet. The sexual jokes and jokes about his parents are too severe.....

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ㅇㅇ |2017.06.11 03:58 신고하기
At first, he was so bright towards everyone and he was always smiling. He said that he was called Joo Haknyeon and was holding his name tag up. Now, he doesn't even smile anymore. Whatever he does, he just has a straight face. His skills are lacking and he does deserve criticism for being too greedy and for making mistakes but he gave a feedback already. When he went on MCountdown everyone was focusing on him to see if he was gonna make a mistake. When I saw how he got pushed down yesterday (T/N: the post was written on Saturday), I was ashamed and my heart broke. Joo Haknyeon's face turned red and he didn't even know what expression to make.. He's only 19 y.o. and can't you guys just understand that he wants to live a magnificent life too? Just please stop with the hate. Seriously.

ㅇㅇ |2017.06.11 03:57 신고하기
I'm seriously worried about Joo Haknyeon's mentality. It's my first time seeing someone get so much hate from a survival show. In all the communities, people are bullying him, bashing his personality and looks. They bash him whether he smiles or cries. Looks like all his fans are hiding now. If you're wondering how bad it's gotten now, if you look at the comments, people are saying how the trainees who got dropped because of him are more pitiful and stuffs like that. Seriously, he gets bashed just for breathing. He doesn't want to go to school because he gets into fight with the people in his class. And as soon as he opens the internet, there are people swearing at him. I feel like he would flee from Korea soon and I'm so worried... Will the haters forgive(?) him if he ends up not debuting?

ㅇㅇ |2017.06.11 03:58 신고하기
At first, no matter what he did, he received love from everyone and he was always smiling and giving the 'V' sign.... ㅋㅋㅋ This system is so cruel. The kids who used to say "please love us" ended up saying "sorry, please don't hate me, I'm wrong".... Seriously, they should give some psychological counselling to these kids. People who bash young kids seriously all have bad personalities

ㅇㅇ |2017.06.11 04:10 신고하기
"Yeah he's my brat. At first, he didn't get any screen time at all but suddenly he got a lot of screen time. That was all evil editing. There was a lot of instances where he heard harsh things and couldn't say anything back. They never showed him once practicing alone like this. They only showed him being lazy during every practice and being a nuisance. Please don't judge our kid if you don't know him well"


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