Sunday, June 18, 2017


Ra Eunho (Kim Sejung)

Hyun Taewoon (Kim Junghyun)

Son Daehwi (Jang Dongyoon)

Homeroom teacher Shim Kangmyung (Han Joowan)

School police Han Sooji (Han Sunhwa)

Geumdo school goddess Hong Namjoo (Seol Innah)

Bright girl Oh Sarang (Park Sewan)

Middle school busker Yoon Kyungwoo (Seo Jihoon)

Poor attendance idol Issue (?) (Rowoon)

Geumdo school jjang Hwang Yeonggun (Ha Seungri)

Expensive private lesson Kang Heechan (Kim Heechan)

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1. Except Kim Sejung, I know none of them

2. They cast the guy who played Gong Hyojin's brother in "Jealousy incarnate" He was good at playing the middle schooler and his acting was pretty crisp. I kept thinking he'd suit the role of a highschool lover, as expected we're seeing him againㅋㅋㅋ

3. Oh this will be fun, but except Kim Sejung, Han Sunhwa, the male lead and Rowoon, I know no one...

4. I'm not sure how old they are in real life, but they don't give the vibe of middle schoolers.... They look way older.. Anyways, I'll still look forward since it's a School series

5. OMG Jang Dongyoon and Seo Jihoon

6. Jihoon-ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. There's way too many people I've never heard of.... Will it even be fun to watch...

8. Looking forward Han Sunhwa!

9. Oh... lots of new faces...

10. Looks like Sejung changed her role! She became the main character?
 > Yeah they changed the characters!


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