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She has 2 daughters and 1 son

"Lee Seungwoo when are you coming~" (Seungwoo is the name of her son)
"Come fast~"
*It's the moment when the kids are coming home*

*Mom who's eyes is fixated on her son waiting*
"Mom~ We're back"

*The 2 daughters arrived home*
*The mother doesn't responds even when they called*

Sul Suhyeon stayed on the veranda to wait for her son
At that moment, her daughters came home and she didn't even greet them

"Are you coming home now~ When are you coming~"
"Ddeungwoo(?)-yah come back fast~~" (She calls him Ddeungwoo instead of Seungwoo for aegyo)

"Seungwoo yahhhhhhh!"
"Ddeungwoo-yah I'm here~!"

Her son finally got off the car,
so she's welcoming him back with that short-tongue voice

"When Gaye and Gayoon come home, she just says "You home?""
"I think it's because Seungwoo is our maknae"

Daughter: "I understand my mom's situation, but I'm still disappointed"
Mom: "There's a few times when Seungwoo got off the shuttle bus dangerously"

"In order to prevent any accident from happening"
"I'm just trying to do the necessary!"


*Extreme comparison*

Daughter: "Mom~ I'm hungry I wanna eat pizza"
Son: "Mom~ Seungwoo pizza"

"Our son wants to eat pizza?"
"I our Seungwoo eats the apple well, I will give you pizza"

"Gaye-yah cut it yourself and eat it"

*The kids proceed to cut it and eat it*

Daughter: "Mom when are you giving us pizza?"
Mom: "Why should I serve you?"

*about to cry* *firm*

Seungwoo *same question*
Mom *Different feeling*

But when Seungwoo asked when she was going to serve the pizza, that's how she responded

"Seungwoo, do you like pizza?"
"I will give you the biggest slice"

Daughter: "But I heard everything?"
Mom: "Seungwoo-yah, did I say anything?"

*perfect accomplice to mom*
"Son, what kind of pizza do you want to eat?"

Son: "Pineapple pizza"
Daughter: Potato pizza"

"I will choose whatever our son wants"

In this scene, Gaye hid some snacks in her room but Seungwoo found them
So he took it away to eat it,
He told her that if he couldn't eat it, he'd tell mom about it
So Gaye told him that if she lets him have it, don't tell mom
but Seungwoo said that he won't eat it and tell their mom
At that moment, the mom entered the room

"Why are you guys fighting again,
what's happening here, tell me fast"

t/n: the post is getting kinda long so we'll paraphrase

basically here, the daughter said the truth, she said that he wanted to stool her for eating the snacks
The son then lies and said he wasn't going to stool her and said that he wanted her to eat the snacks
so the mom got mad at the daughter and told her to share with Seungwoo
and said "Seungwoo-yah your noona will share her snacks for sure"

Then they started dividing the snacks and they even had to count each piece
so they played rock paper scissors to see who could pick the first snack
and Gaye and Gayoon won so the mom got sad because Seungwoo lost

Somehow, Seungwoo started playing rock paper scissors again even though he lost
and the kids went along and this time Gaye lost and Seungwoo and Gayoon won
so the mom started celebrating because he won

So the daughters got mad and said that they already did a round
but the mom said that the first round was just for practice

When Seungwoo doesn't know something, she goes through everything one by one

But when the daughter wants her to teach something she goes "What do you expect me to know, my English is way worse than you, anyways I have work, I gotta go"

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1. If she treats the daughters like that, they will grow up really needy....

2. Just seeing how Seungwoo is lying already at his age and their mom isn't even fixing his behavior, it just makes me wonder how he'll become in the future

3. I gave up half way because I got so annoyed by her...

4. It it was me, I would want to run away from this house ^^

5. Wow just seeing the pictures made me swear. I don't know how they used to be before, but I wish she starts watching herself on TV

6. Life is a boomerang~ When it gets difficult for you later on, please don't go and beg for your daughters' help~

7. The way she acts will also ruin her son 

8. I couldn't endure reading this so I gave up half way.... There's way too many instances of discrimination, I wonder how the daughters and the son view each other..

9. Why is she doing that, ha I'm so pissed off right now

10. Why did I read this.... I'm feeling so sh*tty.... The kids are so pitiful


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