Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Hi PC-tizens! ^^

We'll just jump in straight in the issue which is the overwhelming amount of P101 articles. We read all your comments and we understand the frustration (of some of you) regarding the P101 articles, since we personally don't watch the show either.

If you read one of the previous posts we made, we actually screenshot what enter-talk has been looking like for the past weeks:

And on and on... it's been looking like that for months now and really... there's nothing much we can do :/

Of course, we try to take your concerns and criticism(?) and act upon it but there are also other readers who love these articles, that's why we try from time to time to fill in with some teens stories, etc.

We have been extremely busy ever since last year due to work and doing our masters at the same time (CPA and Human resources). We are humans too, so please understand that we need sleep/time to socialize and relax like any of you ^^;;... we understand that some (emphasis on SOME) of you want us to translate from Naver and Instiz (which is pretty much populated with P101 articles too but....) for diversity but due to time constraints, it was really hard for us to do so.

Please be understanding... We do see your concerns about the P101 articles and we are trying to find something to compensate for them, but if we were to not translate these articles, there wouldn't be anything to translate to be honest ;;.

Yes, we know SOMETIMES, there may be posts about other idols and stuffs like that, and we do try our best to put in some diversity but again, time constraints issue, etc... TT_TT

Please don't feel like we are trying to ignore your complaints or anything, we really try to accommodate when we can. Again, we don't watch the show either and we much more prefer having some diversity in our posts too, but that doesn't mean that we hate blogging about P101 either, if that's all there is in enter-talk/teens stories! ^^;;

We took 4 days off the blog for a dance competition (we won!! :D) and it was very liberating since the blog and complaints have started to stress us a bit ;; but again, please understand that we couldn't do much about it so we were feeling a bit "hopeless"? XD We feel much more refreshed now! :D

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section :D

Update: we'll post teens-stories later tonight! :)

- PC Admins


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