Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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1. They have that many trainees already, I wonder why JYP keeps doing auditions....

2. I'm convinced that Shin Eunsoo will be better off debuting as an actress 

3. They're really handsome...

4. Those guys on the first line are all foreigners....

5. Wow all the male trainees are handsome...

6. Wait what's a trainee showcase...? Are they going to put all those trainees on a stage...? What does Homecoming mean?
 > They hold a trainee showcase every year, the audience will then vote by putting stickers on their pictures

7. Wow they have so many trainees, now I understand why so many celebrities have trained under JYP before...

8. Wow as expected people who are handsome and pretty are all trainees

9. They seem to really like Chinese.... All those young kids seem to be foreigners..

10. Yejin reminds me of Nayeon..


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