Friday, October 27, 2017


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Hi PC-tizens!

By this time, we're starting to believe that some netizens out there really want our blog gone, since it seems like issues are constantly happening to this blog VS other blogs. So for you people/person out there trying to block our content, we strongly invite you to send us your concerns as to why you want us to change this blog so much, we're putting our personal email out there, that's how serious we are. Let's try to solve it! Otherwise, if you're really not happy with our blog, then just don't visit it! As simple as it is! 😄

Disclaimer #1: AGAIN, this blog isn't intended to be positive 100% of the time, because we want to show what PANN really is. Some people might not like your bias, some people might like them, some people might start rumors about your bias, etc. it's the same process whether on PANN or outside of PANN on I-forums,youtube,etc. so keep this in mind! It's true that we try to translate positive/cute posts whenever we can, but when there are "negative/critical" posts trending, we will translate them too, since this is what PANN is about! For personal bias, yes, we are all human, we could be biased. We're not God :p so for example, when we're busy we will only translate the articles that are trending on the main page regardless of whether they're hate/positive, it's just simpler like that instead of going through all the trending posts. Other times, we will translate articles about a certain group who's been trending on PANN more just because they're the trend, and other times, we would translate some posts that we personally find interesting even though the group isn't that famous because the post just happens to be interesting in OUR opinion. Take-home note: No one can help but be biased to some degree ^_^;

Please write in the comment section what you would want to see more/less on this blog (aka more kpop/teen stories/discussions/etc.) you can add suggestions too! Just don't write comments like "I wanna see my bias ____ because that's one thing we can't control ^^;; We can't assure you that there will be posts about your bias so we don't want to disappoint!

Disclaimer #2: We are trying to start a new blog with .com domain and we'll start working on it progressively so in the meantime we're staying on blogspot :) Please please please follow us on Twitter if want to keep updated about our blog since that's where we usually post our blog's updates!
Twitter: Pannchoa

Since we're starting a new domain soon, we want you to help us find new potential name!
Should we keep Pannchoa (this name sounds kinda cursed now 😂) or should we go with a brand new name? Post your suggestions!!

Disclaimer #3: AGAIN, we will keep this blog for the remaining of the year, we will keep translating! We just wanted to let you know that this blog is something that we truly enjoy doing and it's really nice seeing all the interactions from people of different countries gather in one place to talk and share their views about kpop/life in general/etc. :) so the idea of closing this blog is OUT of question! Please think twice before wanting to flag this blog, you could possibly destroy what we like doing :/ and this is really starting to tax on us..

That's all we can do and wish for now ^^; sorry to all our readers for the constant issues :s
we can't really help it :/

Have a nice day wherever you are and stay safe!

PC admins


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