Monday, April 9, 2018


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Hello everyone!

I had this random thought when reading NB and PC the other day.
I'm very active on Twitter and I noticed something (it might be just me so I want to hear your opinions as well!)
I get the general impression that Inets are more delusional than Knets. For example, whenever NB translates an article that's negative (albeit she focuses mainly on negative articles) even from Naver and has 10K+ likes, I see Inets on Twitter saying "go kill yourself" "sue her for spreading rumors" "I don't want to read post like this" etc. etc. etc.
My question is: WHY?
It's not like not translating those "negative" things about oppas and unnies will undoe the actual things said in Korea about them. And it surely doesn't undo the bad things they've done.

Prime example of that is the Kim Hyungjoon scandal.
He's been so notorious, but I've seen people from my country (SEA country) say stuff like "Protect KHJ!" "We will support you!" "Those Knets know nothing!"
And I get a second hand embarrassment every time..
I cringe every time Inets pretend they know idols better than Knets.
Anyways I'm going a bit on a rambling road here..

I know Allkpop is "trash" and I know NB and sometimes PC translate "negative" things
ie. Nam Taehyun taking out cash with one hand (not polite in Korea)
and I see this huge amount of Inets being all "Why are you translating!!!!" on Twitter.
I mean things like that happen whether you want to see it or not (whether it's translated or not)

What I ultimately want to ask is: Do you guys really don't want to see ANYTHING negative about your idols?
Yes, fake rumors killed some career, but this is the name of the game. Not only in KPOP but every entertainment industry. I don't understand the whole "I don't want to know anything negative about XXX" mentality. It just seems very delusional to me.

What are your thoughts on this? I would like to hear them!!

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