Monday, April 9, 2018


My Name's Chaejin

Urban Zakapa Jo Hyuna

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1. Aren't they the 2 people who appeared on The Unit..?
 > Yeah

2. Jo Hyuna????????????????????

3. Ok just looking at the picture, you definitely get the vibe that they're boyfriend and girlfriend..

4. So someone leaked this... Daebak... Celebrities should really manage their stuff

5. You can only see his back, how do you know it's him?
 > This picture is not the scandal itself, they've shot something scandalous together and it got leaked!
 > There was this one too

6. They were playing a drinking game and the person who filmed it leaked it... Why would you even release something that's private like that ... What are the 2 going to become

7. They're playing drinking games like that with a guy and a girl like that, I can't find this likable. I seriously don't like our drinking culture

8. I'm shocked on so many levels

9. They were just having fun, but that person had to leak it

10. I get that they're just playing and they're not dating, but seeing the girl and the guy putting their bodies against each other like that is a bit..


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