Monday, June 4, 2018


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1. Hul.....

2. I'm pretty sure he put it without knowing the meaning in English...???? It's my first time learning the meaning for pussy...

3. It's possible that he used it without knowing the meaning of it, I didn't know either

4. How old is he..? If he's still a highschooler it's possible he wouldn't know the meaning... I only learned about it when I turned 18

5. It's my first time learning the meaning for pussy too... He probably put it because he thought it was a cool design

6. His position is rap, there's no way he doesn't know the meaningㅋㅋ There's a limit to be this ignorant... I'm disappointed

7. No way he's a rapper and he doesn't know the meaning, but who knows..

8. It's possible he doesn't know the meaning for pussy, but the other part reads "shaved or not" just with the way the sentence is formed, you can kind of tell the meaning of it... I don't know

9. Ah seriously I don't know a single English word, so I don't know

10. This is a shock


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