Thursday, June 14, 2018


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1. [+317, -13]
Her eyes and nose changed

2. [+85, -4]
She lost a tone of weight... but she also...

3. [+57, -3]
She didn't just lose weight...

4. [+44, -3]
Looks like she went to Gangnam a lot..

5. [+39, -12]
She looks more mature because of her heavy makeup. Park Jimin is really pretty with weight loss alone

6. [+14, 0]
She failed at meeting a good company so her light couldn't shine

7. [+13, -1]
Sigh.. she should have just lost weight.. why touch her face?ㅠ She used to have such a cute face and was overflowing with charms but now she just like any unnie you see in the Gangnam shopping mallsㅠ She looks like Yook jidam ㅠ

8. [+13, -2]
No matter how bad I am at recognizing these kind of stuffs, I know that she got her nose done ㅡㅡ


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