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ㅇㅇ |2018.08.09 14:20 신고하기
ㅋㅋ They're so hypocrite ㅋㅋ When this female foreign singer got caught into a controversy dating someone overseas, they all wen to terrorize on the articles that were up, they even shot a singer over dating news, but they act like only Korea is like that ㅋㅋ

ㅇㅇ |2018.08.09 14:30 신고하기
It's so true when I hear the words "fans attack, muggles forgive". Seriously if Hyuna and Edawn wanted to receive the support from their fans they should've have went of their reality show and acted like "I'm the bachelor" and say stuff like "We do a lot of skinship scenes, but we don't have any feelings, it's hard but we're professionals" in interviews. They should've nuanced what they said a bit more. More than that, their company went on and hid everything, then now that they revealed it, the company went on and cancelled all the schedules, they shouldn't have done that either. Even as another group's fan, I can see how they're trying to market the "sunbae-hobae" friendship image. That's why when the fans learned the truth, they were turned off because they were consuming another image. If they want to get acknowledged by the public, they have to take the criticism and stick together. If they're not even confident about that, they shouldn't date in the first place. Seriously as a fan if I attended their fansign, it's as if I received a big f*ck you? If you looked at the couples that are loved by the general public like Taeyang-Min Hyorin, they look after each other, but they also know to act moderately. I just feel like this couple act like "he's my man, so you better not touch him". 

ㅇㅇ |2018.08.08 22:26 신고하기
Seriously would they flirt each other on stage like that? Don't they know that fans are sensitive about dating? (I'm just curious)

ㅇㅇ |2018.08.09 14:36 신고하기
F*cking hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yah okay so they probably think "Idols are humans too~ they can date all they want^^ That's right, but fans are humans too, and as humans, we hate to be backstabbed, so it's also our free will to quit the fandom;; They can date all they want and we can quit the fandom all we want, why are those people nitpicking and attacking Koreans?

ㅇㅇ |2018.08.09 17:38 신고하기
Those f*ckers, they can't even add anything to the situation themselves and use Korea as a punching bag ㅠㅠㅠ


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