Thursday, August 9, 2018


BTS will have a performance on the 6th of October at the New York Citi Field and will be the first Korean group to perform in an US stadium. The stadium is said to be able to host at lease 40K attendees.

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1. [+657, -5]
BTS, confirmed to be the first Korean group to perform at a stadium in the US. This is impressive. They are the best. A Korean artist will be performing there… That’s seriously daebak. That’s such a good news. BTS is even acknowledged in the US, they are seriously the best. They are worldwide stars. This can only be achieved by BTS. So that’s why I like this so much.
2. [+529, -1]
US stadium, that’s insane~~ Even the top of the top singers in the US do tours hosting around 20~30K people… but 40K…. even so, I feel like ticketing will be a war… the US… I feel like even the Canadian fans will join the ticketing war!! I wish all fans to have a successful ticketing
3. [+201, 0]
Wow this is seriously impressive. A stadium.. this is the start of their tour. Everything BTS said became trueㅎㅎㅎ I envy the US Armys
4. [+179, -2]
Do you see this? This is BTS’ class that no one can match up to
5. [+142, -0]
BTS realize one of their dreams again
6 .[+39 -1]
Their class is seriously solidㄷㄷ An US stadium? And 40K attendees on top of that~ they are the true world star, now BTS is a global artist ^^ they’ve proved it again and again, BTS is now a wall and they are top class <3


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