Thursday, December 13, 2018


1. IU

- 100M won donation to the Green Umbrella Children Foundation under her fandom's name Uena
- She has consistently sponsored scholarship to the high school she's graduated from exceeding 100M won
- 50M donation for the Death and impaired foundation in March

2. Kang Daniel

- Called the donation angel member of Wanna One
- Donated 12,100,000 won to the low-income and disable children for his birthday
- Nominated 16 times as the "donation fairy" and 16 times as the "donation angel" in the idol popularity pool "최애돌" so the company was able to donate 16M won back
- Fans also follow Kang Daniel's actions in donating
- His online community Kang Daniel Gallery was able to donate 25M won to the social welfare

3. BTS

- Jin donated to the abandoned dogs shelter for his 27th birthday
- Their fandom also created a buzz by donating to the comfort women lately
- Jin also donated to his hometown Gwacheon city 6M won for the low-income families

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1. [+1019, -7]
Kang Daniel is just starting his career as a celebrity, but he's already known for his positive influence. This is the first time I'm seeing a case cool like this

2. [817, -1]
Kang Daniel's positive influence this year has been amazing. Elle's forest donation, Ice bucket challence, Angel's letters, etc. He started this all by himself and the fans all participated in creating a positive impact. He also donated 12,100K won for his birthday, I'm so looking forward his influence next year

3. [+596, -1]
Kang Daniel is warm just like his visuals. This article about his positive influence is making me so happy

4. [+521, -1]
Kang Daniel only debuted last year. His influence is so impressive

5. [+471, -1]
KAn Daniel's influence is seriously so cool

6. [+77, -0]
Kang Daniel's influence will last for a long time. The fact that he already influenced ME is so shocking to myself ㅋㅋㅋ Thanks to Kang Daniel I was able to finally donate...


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