Thursday, March 14, 2019


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Seungri and Jung Joonyoung are just pretending to faithfully abide to the investigation. Seungri is not even turning in the phone which is the critical evidence, but instead, he's appealing to the public's sentiment by saying how he will postpone his enlistment. As for Jung Joonyoung, he handed in an useless phone. They are just pretending to acknowledge their sins. Even if they say that they are sorry, it's all lies. They are just trying to figure out in the deep inside of their minds a way to get out of this. The police is the total same. Just what are they doing right?! Burning Sun or Jang Jayeon's case, I will never gonna let them be forgotten this time.

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Jung Joonyoung handed in a phone he got 2 weeks ago. Seungri refused to hand in the phone!

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According to Joseon News, Jung Joonyoung handed in a phone he got 2 weeks ago. But this article is calling it the "golden phone"?

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This is straight up police collusion! This is not a speculation nor a rumor, Jung Joonyoung distributed hidden cameras of over 10 women getting raped in the ka-talk chat. Seungri also was selling girls off in he chat saying things like "ten million won each". There were undeniable proofs out there....... how are they not worried about he destruction of these evidence, how are their phones not taken away and how are they not arrested? Jung Joonyoung even got charged 3 years ago and said how they couldn't use his phone because the forensic couldn't restore the data. This time, he's handing in a new phone? It's not like this was an investigation without evidence, there are evidences around so why the hell is this happening?

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What about the guy who received sexual favors??


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