Thursday, October 17, 2019


Kang Minkyung: "There are a lot of swears in the comments and a lot of people saying weird things too. This is quite... but I'm fine... I've been promoting for 10 years so..."

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When watching 'Night of Hate Comments', I thought that Sulli had the strongest mentality to being able to endure all those hate comments, but after seeing what happened, seeing her saying "I'm fine" doesn't mean that she's fine. I understood that she said that because she wants to be fine... so now, when celebrities say that they are fine, I get worried instead... ㅠ

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I'm seriously annoyed. If they hate her, they should just stop caring about her, she's doing a livestream to talk with her fans so why are the haters going there to swear at her and making sexual remarks? If there was a head mod, they could at least report those comments and expel those people. When 10 people or more reports you, you get kicked out. My bias is a male idol and when he's on live, most of the comments are positive. But when it comes to female celebrities and female idols, there are seriously so many sexual comments and hate comments. these freaks are shocking

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ㅠㅠ Meanwhile, she's so pretty

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Even when she says she's fine, she doesn't look fine... She must have felt so sad

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Her expressions seriously look so sad


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