Wednesday, November 20, 2019


"False Belief"
- Parents who refused treatments for their own kid
Kim Shin Ae (9): It hurts, I need to endure until the end, but right now, it's too hard to endure. It's too hard to endure

The parents wanted to believe that through their faith, she could heal naturally so they refused all treatments
Kim Shin Ae: Me too, I'm at the age of going to school. Right now I should be going to school and studying. I'm at the age when I should be gamboling around. I want to be happy in this world, what's the point of only being happy in heaven? Me too I want to go to school in this world and play as much as I want, this is what I'm adamant in doing it

But (my parents) would tell me "Stop whining. You should appeal to your God" and they would tell me to stop doing this

- After the broadcast, we were able to gain a helping hand for Shin Ae
- Even though she received surgery, she wasn't able to beat her disease
- So in the end she went to the skies... 
- The world has turned its back to her

Kim Shin Ae (1999, 9 at that time) wanted to take revenge and in 1995 went to find a hospital and received the diagnosis of Wilms Tumor. 
But her dad forced her to leave the hospital telling her that she can get better through religion. 
He neglected any forms of treatment. (Telling her that all they need was to pray to God)
After 4 years, the disease didn't get better so the mother took the daughter to the hospital. 
At that time, the dad again opposed her getting hospitalized (saying that God will fix her)

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1. [+718, -36]
They wrote this as if the father was the only abusive person here, but the mom is just as bad. When she died, she said that she's happy because now she's with God. It's not the mom who took her to the hospital, but the "I want to know" team. It's a fact that you're probably a WOMAD (t/n: extreme feminist online in Korea), OP why are you deleting the comments that are spilling facts? 

2. [+635, -4]
Even when that kid is 9 years old, she speaks with so much logic, she was really so intelligent... That's why it's even more sad.. 

3. [+400, -2]
I watched this program, and this made me wonder back then what the kid has become, but she left the world ㅠㅠ  I hope she's not hurting anymore... I hope those parents get punished a thousand times.. 

4. [+253, -2]
What's more goosebumps inducing is that those parents probably think that God needed their kid more than they did so he took her back. Seriously this is why people can be so scary. They always think that they think like God. I hope they die from the same disease too 

5. [+211, -4]
Those dumb f*ckers are seriously the scariest type of people


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