Tuesday, December 10, 2019


1. Black Pink Rose

Rose suits blonde hair so f*cking well
Sometimes, she doesn't even look human but just looks like a CG
She's so pretty that she looks like a doll
Her frame is also small and she looks like a foreign doll

2. Oh My Girl Jiho

We should all bow down to queen Jiho
She's just god-Jiho
I thought that she looked the best in black hair but her blonde hair is crazy

3. WJSN Dayoung

Dayoung changed her hair color and it seriously suits her so well
This is the hair color that looks the best on her ever since debut!!

4. SNSD Hyoyeon

The people who were shockingly not blondes since birth
1. Madonna
2. Britney
3. Scarlett Johansson
4. Hyoyeon

^ That's the extent of how much it was a God's work for her to dye her hair blonde

If Hyoyeon's scalp had any sense, she should really be growing out blonde hair

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1. [+68, -8]
Wow but Rose is seriously pretty

2. [+45, -13]
Jiho's blonde hair is too pretty

3. [+37, -3]
Jiho and Rose f*cking suit blonde hair

4. [+30, -3]
Rose is just blonde personified...

5. [+29, -2]
Rose was legendary during Coachella

6. [+22, -16]
Personally, Kim Yerim for me,, she suits blonde so well

7. [+18, -3]
Rose is seriously pretty


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