Wednesday, January 15, 2020


You're amazing Jongdae-yah.. The fans are all telling you to get out and quit meanwhile you're having a date with Jung Mihee at Hangang..ㅎㅎ

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A picture taking in 2018 is only being released today, looks like EXO-Ls really tried to bury down their dating rumors~~ But they're receiving a premarital pregnancy in return~~~~~ Yah it's my first time seeing someone going around dates without even wearing a mask with their commoner girlfriend Jongdae-yah~~

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I don't know any of EXO's songs after Growl... But I will remember them as being the team who has a member with premarital pregnancy and left

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The reality check of his letter.. I'll just laugh at it, I'll remove this if my comment becomes problematic, but I'm an EXO-L
"Hi, it's Chen. 
I have something to tell you so I'm writing this post. 
I have a girlfriend who wants to be with the lacking self that I am for the rest of my left. To the members, the company and the fans, I wanted to tell you guys this shocking news. The blessing of becoming a father. Stay quiet. Thank you to my lacking fans. I will forget being grateful, I will change."

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There must be a bunch of akgaes of Jongdae with a strong polarity who will treat people who request his apology for Kunta Kinte or who mention the dating news wiht Mihee as if they were antisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  They're going around shielding him for everything while dissing the other membersㅋㅋ  They would go on male idols galleries to start fake rumors about other members and swear at them, their akgae power is amazing 

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Those pseudo-relationship fantasies of EXO-Ls must've been shattered ever since their super famous member Kai got ousted

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This picture is a picture of them eating bingsoo back in 2018


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