Thursday, January 29, 2015

[PANNCHOA] lack of posts :(

sorry pannchoa-tizens,
you guys probably saw that we were not posting as regularly as before in the past 2 days... :'(
we're so loaded atm because midterms are coming ><
we hope that you guys can forgive our lack of posts!! ^^;;;
we will get back to the old posting schedules as soon as possible!!
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for every pannchoa-tizen out there going through midterms, we hope that you all ace them like a boss! >:D

(on a side note, we'll post more on instagram for new korean words ^^... to compensate haha)


UPDATE: we mistook friday for saturday, because we don't have school on friday><
so request time will be closed for now, and will resume at the same hour this saturday!!


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