Monday, June 15, 2015

[enter-talk] B.I IS F*CKING PITIFUL

There are a lot of people who knew B.I from SMTM and born hater! 
As you all know, he's now in a soon to debut group Ikon who is under YG! 
the reason I think B.I is pitiful is because
he didn't went into the suffering not only one but three survivals...I seriously hate Yang CEO

(t/n: the post is a little bit long, so for those who are interested/who already know, you can watch their reality show to see what he is saying ^^ so we'll translate only the content of the OP since it's the most interesting~)

this is during their first survival Win
since he was put in the leader's position, his pressure and burden was really heavy
if you look at the pictures, you'd know that he always leaves the agency at dawn

he's not purely doing this to fulfill his dream
he's putting his effort in it for the sake of his members...

if you watch the broadcast, you'd know he feels more accuratelyㅜㅜ
this is when he was only 18...

then, he was put under a survival show a second time, then a third time
M&M and SMTMㅋㅋㅋㅋ
they filmed M&M at the same time as SMTM...

SMTM(composition+lyrics) + M&M (song arrangement, choreography, performance creation) + debut album(composition+lyrics) and he had to deal with the three other members that are like family to him Joonhoe, Donghyuk, Yoonhyung + 3 new trainees 

because he was put through so many things he wrote in down in his songs
after all the cursing and dissing, his mentality still didn't break
although he was only 19 years oldㅜㅜ 

during M&M this scene surprised me the most
he suddenly disappeared and caused a commotion 
he wanted to go to Busan alone, but he didn't know the way
he said he was too disappointed with practice
after running out, he finally decided to write lyrics about it...

the most daebak was B.I's father embezzlement scandal ah ...
this scandal was just a shame.... M&M also ended by then
he was going to debut just fine but B.I's father came and hit his singer career and life like a bomb...

of course, I understand that as victims of his dad's action
my blood will boil if I see his son on TV singing and dancing but he quit middle school and left his parents at a young age without anyone looking after him
he lived under his agency's accommodations 
so to say those hateful things to B.I is way to harsh to endure

B.I didn't do anything wrong so he doesn't need to avoid the public, I think this situation can't be helped.....

seriously seeing him for those past 3 years makes me pity him so muchㅜㅜ 

I just wanna tell him to find strength
when I see his clothes in airports or on broadcast, he always wear plain clothes

with his brilliant talents, he suffered a lot

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ㅇㅇ |2015.06.15 19:11 
honestly the victims are pitiful but B.I is also pitiful. It's a complex situation but B.I didn't do anything wrong, but when I think about the victims I get confused..

ㅇㅇ |2015.06.15 21:59 
I agree with the top comment. the victims are pitiful but B.I is also pitiful. When B.I enjoys himself, people would say why is he pitiful, and would swear at him. But he's actually pitiful. his dream is to be a celebrity and he didn't do anything wrong so it's kinda sad

ㅇㅇ |2015.06.15 21:26 
it's a shame, he really puts a lot of effort and sleeps at 4AM everyday..

ㅇㅇ |2015.06.15 19:43 
When you look at him he looks like a tough cookie who doesn't have time to spend, but in the inside, he seems soft and weak. When you see him on SMTM, Win and M&M, you can tell he has skills. He also looks like he's a kid with a lot of sense of responsibility

아ㅋ |2015.06.15 22:08 
OP, are you me?ㅠㅠMe too, my heart hurts when I think of Hanbin....ㅠㅠplease debut soon and become daebak like Winner

흠 |2015.06.15 21:41 
Honestly, B.I didn't do anything wrong so it's a shame but the situation cannot be helped.... B.I's dad is seriously.....sigh......

ㅇㅇ |2015.06.15 21:18 
18...? What would I do if I was 18...


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