Wednesday, July 15, 2015


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  • dbfl****
    The song is good and they're showcasing at different color, fighting for the promotions !! Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Nam Joo, Oh Hayoung
    2015.07.16 오전 12:04 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • ch35****
    let's hit daebak this time too Apink♡♡♡
    2015.07.16 오전 12:04 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • kimm****
    the song is goodㅠㅠㅠㅠ ILY Apinkㅠㅜㅠ we'll give you the #1ㅜㅠㅠ
    2015.07.16 오전 12:04 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • wsad****
    Apink Remember blow up~♡♡
    2015.07.16 오전 12:05 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • kang****
    god Apink are finally having a comeback to change the music industry once again
    2015.07.16 오전 12:08 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • bana****
    Even though I'm a melody and I find it random that they're promoting at the same time, it's ok. anyways Apink fighting!
    2015.07.16 오전 12:10 | 신고
  • hara****
    Apink completely transformed, they're living heir golden days
    2015.07.16 오전 12:09 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • b1a4****
    It suits summer, the lyrics are refreshing and they're looking pretty! Let's promote well♥
    2015.07.16 오전 12:09 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • dydx****
    I was expecting for Apink's flower Eunji to have a high note so it's a shame that there's none.. but I still jjang like the song♡
    2015.07.16 오전 12:09 모바일에서 작성 | 신고


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