Monday, December 7, 2015


today Exo was doing their V-app recording.
then, Chanyeol kept receiving calls from an unknown number.
and a while later, Sehun began to receive calls from that number too. 
Chanyeol even said "I keep receiving calls from an unknown number.. perhaps you have a number that matches 5474?"
the atmosphere got really weird and Suho was joking saying how they should try to track that number like in the movies. 
during all the broadcast you could here the bell ringing (it was a basic ringtone, those they use for unknown numbers).
later in the night, when they were still filming, Sehun's phone kept on ringing.
I can't imagine how stress they are, they probably already know that it was from a saseng...
sasaeng are definitely not fans

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븉인서엑셀 |2015.12.06 19:02 
seriously I was speechless when I saw that.....they should use an unused phone next time they are on V-app....they had incidents like that on earlier broadcasts too. they should use those 2G phones. like that, they can brush of sasaengs way more easily and they won't need to store their photos and whatnot in their phone. sasaengs see everything they do, even in the airports. I really hope that sasaengs can screw off. somewhere far from here

에리 |2015.12.06 18:52 
I wanna hit sasaengs so hard, seriously..  and also Baekhyun was saying how they were all barefaced hahhahaa~ but after he came in later those f*ckers were telling him to put on makeup ^^.... they have something lacking in their heads

ㅇㅇ |2015.12.06 20:26 
seriously, even though they picked it up, they can't even swear at her. I really wanna pick up their phone and tell her all the curses I know in the world

ㅇㅇ |2015.12.07 00:32 
sasaengs are sasaengs but I also really wanna throw off those people who keep commenting about their own biases (T/N: fans of other idols)
T/N: Taeyeon <3 Baekhyun
ㅇㅇ |2015.12.06 21:47 
Chanyeol had a dumbfounded expression since the number kept on calling, the call kept on coming and saying that they will find oppa.. looks like it's not even the first time.. I pity him


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