Thursday, March 24, 2016


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Japanese model Taiki Takahashi

Korean model Noah

Noah promotes more overseas than in our country
Taiki came to our country, but he also worked in Paris, Milan, London, Japan, etc.
they're a Japan X Korea couple
they principally communicate through Japanese mixed with English

Taiki kinda reminds me of a mix between Oh Hyuk and Beenzino

(more pics in the link)

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1.Taiki looks like a more sharp version of Park Bogum.. be happy

2. When Taiki smiles, he kinda looks like Park Bogum but I agree with the OP about Beenzino

3. Beenzino + Beenzino + Beenzino + Park Bogum

4. wow be happy!!!

5. be happy!! Why do I feel like crying... I wanna be in a couple .(8 m 8

6. it's so nice.. Why am I crying...

7. hot guys coupleㅠㅠ so jealous

8. wow I wanna wish them to be happy but... Why is there no one next to me..

9. oh they suit each other

10. hulㅠㅠ such a pretty couple but why do I feel like crying...


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