Monday, May 9, 2016


(t/n: the post is waaaaay too lengthy so we'll do it in point form ^^;)

1. Shinee (Shinee world)
- apology for blowing the Shinee plagiarism out of proportions
apology for swearing at the fans' families and other insulting personal attacks
- admitting the bias and immature minds and discrimination
apology for writing an apology later than expected while Shawols have been waiting for one
- apology for circulating rumors around and swearing at fans during concerts
- apology for lack of manners and social etiquette that were disrespectful

2. B2ST (B2uty)
- apology for claiming that Junhyung's lyrics were plagiarized from Rapmon
- acknowledging that they dealt with the situation immaturely 
- apologies for offensive remarks, personal attacks, family jokes, 
- apology for causing trouble within and between fandoms
- acknowledge that armies didn't understand B2uties situations fully
- apology for calling them "B2-roaches", "has-beens", "withdrawal" jokes 
- apology for disregarding B2st as singers and their slogan "let's go for the long run"

3. Winner (inner circle)
- apology for the Rapmon interview "dissing" winner
- apology for personal attacks
- acknowledge that they were the ones at fault
- apology for problematic behaviors 

4. EXO (EXO-Ls)
- apology for thoughtless behaviors that harmed EXO and the fandom
- apology for blowing the plagiarism issue out of proportions
- apology for not knowing what plagiarism really is
- apology for personal attacks and jokes about members quititng
- apology for being careless in the plagiarism refutation post
- apology for the twitter fanwar
- apology for trending offensive remarks on twitter (t/n: the fans trended BTS when it was Baekhyun's birthday)
- apology for using "let's love" and "bang-jae-oot" inappropriately 
- apology for using the "3:33" to refer to BTS fire when EXO already have "3:01" for Growl's reference
- apology for using EXO-Ls insides and appropriate to Bangtan as a joke while it's precious to EXO
- acknowledge sending family diss to Bighit entertainment
- acknowledge all the reckless actions that cannot be excused 

5. Bigbang (VIP)
- apology for immature behaviors and personal attacks
- apology for not being able to cope with the situation and bashing VIPs and Bigbang without reasons
- in the process of asking Bighit for a feedback on the plagiarism issue
- apology for Rapmon's interview controversy
- acknowledge that armies have been contradictory
- apology for bad attitude and writing a late apology

6. VIXX (starlight)
- apologies for Rapmon's immature behaviors when VIXX won #1
- apology for shutting their ears to starlights' complaints
- apology for taking this issue lightly
- apology for personal attacks and offensive remarks
- apology for not being careful and immature

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ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 18:32 
Thank you for the apology, our fandom also did you wrong and we apologise for that, I hope this will end soon

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 18:33 
looks like Armies went all out for this apology

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 18:33 
I'll acknowledge this apology as a b2uty we had a lot of hard times and we worked hard. We also said a lot of offensive remarks so we apologize for this too :) I wish that BTS hits bigger! You guys have been hurt too. 

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 18:59 
we really have to corner all those thoughtless people...  I thought that it'll be a short apology but you guys went all out to call on every fandom like that and you can be proud of this, you guys suffered too

빅뱅뷮 |2016.05.08 18:59 
Thank you for the apology, BTS always react to Bigbang positively so I liked them, but it's sad to see that such a thing blew out of proportion, I hope that there won't be any more harm.

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 18:39 
There's a lot of army cosplays nowadays so it must've been hard...


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