Monday, May 9, 2016


Hello, this is Wonwoo.
First, I want to apologize for everyone who I have hurt by this situation. Instead of making excuses by saying they were foolish mistakes I made when I was young, or saying that I don't remember what I did, I believed that admitting my faults and apologizing was the right choice, which is why I'm writing this.
Even though I wrote it when I was young, it is definitely something I wrote, and I am sorry to the Girls' Generation sunbaenims, their fans, as well as Carats who were hurt by this. I am also sorry to the members, who worked hard together to become Seventeen together.
If I think about it now, I was so immature. I thought lightly about the stars on television, and I never thought about how the words I said would hurt other people. 
During middle school, after I became a trainee to become Seventeen, I realized the weight that the people who stand on stage have to carry. I realized how many people work hard for one person to stand on stage. After I became Seventeen and stood on stage and learned what kind of feelings people have on stage, I realized the meaning of standing on stage. I sincerely felt how amazing it was for the Girls' Generation sunbaenims to stand on stage, and respected them. I also learned how responsible I have to be in this field with the fans' love. While getting attention from the public, I learned about the effects of a single post, and how the person reading it felt. Because of this, I am even more reflecting on my actions.
I don't dare ask for forgiveness. I only want to reflect endlessly about my actions and apologize to the Girls' Generation sunbaenims. Even when I look back on myself, the thoughtless posts were improper, and they were actions that could have hurt someone, so I can't even raise my head because I am so sorry.
I will work hard never to disappoint again. I will read all the criticism and advice on my immature actions and never forget them. Also, please continue to teach me. I apologize once again.
I am sorry.  
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ㅇㅇ |2016.05.09 16:32 
good thing he apologized right away... I'm sorry to the Sones

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.09 13:26 
it's cool to see him reflecting right away

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.09 16:35 
I'm another group's fan and he seems like a nice guy to apologize right away like that without swearing back. He was way too young when he was in 6th grade.. Seriously has no one here ever written a hateful comment online? He looked pretty hurt by this event on top of that. I hope the fans will be nice about it. Carats and Seventeen find strength

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.09 18:32 
I'm a fan ever since SNSD debuted. Meanwhile all the rumors and speculations about their attitude, expressions, flirting with other male idols, all those rumors that led them into having a 10 minute on stage, I've endured all those events together with SNSD. The hardest time we had was between 2008-2010. As soon as they went on any program, people would start screencaping all their blunt expression and treating them of b*ches. There was a sone friend of mine who attended the same school as Wonwoo and she heard him swearing at them like no biggie. Young kids do swear... But when it touches the thing you like of course you'd get pissed off. When SNSD had it the hardest was when we needed the most sympathy. But none of that happened, so we got even more mad. There were so many other singers who dissed SNSD and never apologized so I was pissed off by this guy thinking that he'll end up like them. But since he put up an apology like that I think that he has some good sides to him... Honestly because Seventeen is still growing and their popularity is not that big yet, they probably have a lot of things buried in... But to see them having a "controversy" and apologizing like that in one day really calmed down the anger of people. And the things that I won't be able to see while getting mad can be seen. First of all, I've seen all the pictures that Wonwoo made to diss SNSD and the likes of it. I'm not going to assume that he did that every day and looked for ugly pictures of them and edit like that. But I feel that his apology was authentic. And it's not like he's been dissing SNSD some days or months ago. I looked him up and it was during his trainee days when he was in middle school, normally if people find out about something like that before debuting it'll stick to their ankle and their company would normally try to erase all those traces. But the thing with Wonwoo is that it's only biting him back now, which benefits him because we can assume that when he hated SNSD was "back in the days" and that he was immature back then. Anyways, I'm thankful that he's not trying to run away from his past and acknowledged it by putting up an apology like that. And to the carats who apologized for their bias, you've worked hard. I hope that Wonwoo reflects on his actions and becomes a mature singer like now. And Thank you to the carats...

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.09 16:55 
he looks really sorry


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