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First of all, you all know that Kim Sunggyu's MV was dedicated to the Sewol incident
Woohyun's MV is somehow connected to Sunggyu's MV

Sunggyu's MV starts with his closed eyes
and then he had to stop the water from pouring out from the sink
there's always water imagery springing from everywhere
you can all guess that it's an imagery that his dongsaeng died from drowning 

to preserve the memory of his dongsaeng
Sunggyu had to find a timeless place where he can store his memories
Kim Sunggyu imagines the place as he close his eyes

and he takes his dongsaeng's fish tank with him

he keeps walking

and he breaks the fish tank and released its content 

at the end, he delivered the most important thing found in the fish tank, a house
at this point you can hear him repeating "help" as if he helped his dongsaeng go back home

up until here is the content of Kontrol

next up is the explanation of Woohyun's MV
Woohyun has his eyes closed on all the teaser pictures

and here are Sunggyu's 27 album teasers

and here's control, except Kontrol, he has his eyes opened on all the other teasers

there's a lot of symbolism for closed eyes, but overall it either signifies
1. running away from reality (to cover ones eyes) t/n: Sunggyu
2. death (shut ones eyes and sleep) t/n: Woohyun

both MVs have water and eyes imagery
in Sunggyu's teaser and MV, he has his eyes closed because he wants to run away from reality and meet his dongsaeng
Sunggyu's memories/timeless place are buried into his imagination that is accessed through him covering his eyes. Because he's still alive he can snap back into reality.
You can also look at the previous song and the one that comes after Kontrol. The one before is called "alive" which means that he is living and he wants to do everything he can while he's alive. Yet, the story is about him not being able to. The song that comes after is titled "daydream" in English and "if only I was able" in Korean. The song is about things that he wasn't able to say. Ultimately like his teaser suggests, he has no choice but to face the reality so he has to live in the present.

Sunggyu cannot stop the time and time keeps moving on.
In his preview teaser, you can see him walking continuously, which signifies that he realizes that he has to flow with the time that cannot be stopped.
In the MV you can find him walking too. But amidst of all the walking he sat down/stops and he remembers his dongsaeng.

On the other hand, you have Woohyun who also has closed eyes.
Nam Woohyun is, on the other hand, stopped in time because he's always still. Even if he ran, it ended with a black out.
Meanwhile Sunggyu has to face the reality.

Here's another keyword "water"

from all his teasers, he's drenched. It's as if he's locked in water

Sunggyu who is living in the reality and Woohyun who cannot live in reality.
Sunggyu who is covering up his eyes and Woohyun whose eyes are shut.
Sunggyu's relation with water is his dongsaeng who drowned. Woohyun is drenched.

Nam Woohyun died by drowning, so he represents Sunggyu's dongsaeng.

When Woohyun was at the subway station, his watch stopped working.
There's also the calendar pages that refuse to flip over.
Nam Woohyun has no one in his world left.
All those explain that Woohyun is dead.

Because he's dead, the world has stopped moving for him.

People normally commemorate the dead every year
before that they would wait until the 1st year comes

here Sunggyu is waiting for that time to come

When Sunggyu is waiting in the subway, Woohyun is waiting at the train station

Sunggyu's world contains a sunset, where the people live

while Woohyun's world has a sunrise

at the end, both time become intertwined
there will be a big event when both of them meet and it'll be the end of the story
the time is coming

here you can see May 9th on Woohyun's MV and the page after that is May 11th (Sunggyu's comeback date).
May 10th doesn't appear on the calendar.

however, the clock is stopped at 5:10
the day between Nam Woohyun's day (May 9th) and Sunggyu's day (May 11th) is May 10th/ 05/10

the story ends on May 10th. When Infinite V's song was completed
(Infinite V = Sunggyu and Woohyun's unit)

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ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 19:15 
Nam Woohyun's solo biggest dilemma: which song is not fit to be the title song

막내규 |2016.05.08 18:55 
the reason why Yeobdeob is making us sick ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ As expected from Woollim they released the best stuff once again.. Today at midnight is the reveal of Nam Woohyun's first solo in 7 years so please look forward to it! There are 3 songs that was self written and composed by him ~~♡

ㅇㅇ |2016.05.08 18:37 
"write" let's hit daebak!!


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