Saturday, May 14, 2016


There's a Youtube beauty guru named Ssin who did Xiumin's makeup

However she did a video with a "virtual reality" theme?

"But I'm a bit hungry from all the walking. Let's go eat!"

There were stuff like that... but this is fine

1. let's go to a French restaurant
2. let's go to Yeonnamdong's restraurant
3. should we go to our my house and eat spoon worms?
(t/n: spoon worms are often referred as the sea penis, no need to elaborate here^^;;)

Xiumin: "we're almost done eating, where should we go now?"
1. let's go watch a movie
2. what about the park next to my house?
3. wanna come and drink milk in my bedroom?

the 3rd choice from the 2 of them... Spoon worms and milk...

I like Ssin's video normally but this one was a bit over the top even though I'm not a fan8ㅅ8
anyways let's let her know in a friendly manner!


t/n: the video has been taken down since

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1. what is she doingㅋㅋㅋ I would feel so sh*tty about this

2. I seriously hate this

3. I thought she only did it for fun when I saw the video..

4. that person always makes jokes about sexㅋㅋㅋ and when she posts video, she makes sexual sounds

5. I was watching this video thinking it was fun but I got so shocked at the "house" part

6. there are sexual innuendos to spoon worms... but there are people ok with it I guess

7. I've always found her so so, she also makes a lot of racist comments

8. I couldn't finish the video because I hated it so much ... ((Miseok-ah))

9. hul if I was Xiumin I would feel so sh*tty about this, it's such a humiliation

10. that person has a lot of controversy around her...

11. she's always on the verge of crossing the line but this time, she straight up went across it


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