Saturday, May 14, 2016


t/n: scale for I-nets, in Korea a pretty good quality meal (samgyetang or grilled fish  for example) costs around 10~14$ ^^ and your average meal like jjangbbong would be 3~5$ ^^

The Suju burger

you can add a drink for 3$

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1. seriously looks delicious

3. looks goodㅎㅎ but it's way too expensive so I won't be able to buy itㅠㅠ

4. hul if this is 16$ it better be really high quality, since it's SM and they're my bias, it's alright

5. that's way too expensive...

6. hul that's too expensive, I won't be able to buy it, it'll be 20$ if I add that drink with it

7. wow this looks so good.. But since I'm a hobo I won't be able to eat it

8. even though the bread is home-made... It's way too expensive...Normally home-made burgers are around 10$...ㅠㅠ... If you add the drink it'll be 20$..

9. as expected they made this to open the wallets of the fans..

10. it's so expensive but as a fan I wanna eat itㅠㅠ...

11. I just wanna eat it once


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