Sunday, May 22, 2016


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1. She just keeps making mistakes as the dance goes on

2. Just from her expressions, you can see that she's having a menboong, please practice...

3. I don't think she practices... If you practice something several times, your body naturally remembers the moves

4. The problem isn't that she's bad at dancing.. It's that she got every moves wrong.

5. I thought that she was good, but when I saw her, I realized that her moves are off from everything else

6. Honestly, this is severe

7. She was training on that program and I thought that she would be a pro by now. This is not the first or second time happening. It's a school festival, where students had to pay their own money to see this stage and have fun so I don't understand why she's just not learning the choreography... Please practice and show us a good stage next timeㅠㅠ

8. It was a school festival and she still got everything wrong.. 8ㅅ8

9. I learned that dance when I was in primary school 3rd grade, and now that I'm in university, I still remember that dance.. I'm pretty sure she didn't practice as much as she should've

10. You're not a trainee anymore, you've already debuted, so I hope you paid more attention to thatㅎㅎPlease practice harder...


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