Thursday, May 26, 2016


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- Krystal is too pretty~!! Let's film Jessica x Krystal 2!!

- Soojung-ah, I love you~ hit big!

- She's wearing sneakers but look at her legs... what is she lacking...

- Freaking pretty seriouslyㅠㅠㅠㅠ unnie I love you

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- Her proportions are amazing

- She grew taller by a lot since 101

- She really suits pink

- Somi is pretty~~ <3 <3 and she wears her clothes prettily^^ have fun volunteering~~

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- Nowadays, everyone and their moms are idols but she's 1000000x cooler than them

- Thank you for clearing my eyes so early in the morning

- She's not tall but her proportions are good~~^^ she looks way taller than her actual height~~

- Anyone knows where she got her shoes?

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- If it wasn't for her shots, her legs would've never turned out like this....

- Someone's trying to steal her bag

- She looks like a newlywed bride

- It's impressive that she's always coming back

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- Her ankles are so skinny... amazing

- I would be so happy to have a daughter like her

- Look at her ankles, seriously slender

- She has that elegant lady aura..

T/N: we didn't get lots of feedback from the last "fashion" post ^^'' so we'll try another format and see how this works~ :D


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