Tuesday, June 28, 2016


"I had that dream ever since I was young, I wanna live in a small house for a long time"

"There were a lot of programs where they showed black rappers' closet in USA"
"When I watched that I was so envious"
"I need to try having this once in my life too"

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1. I wanna go to his house even if it's just for sight seeing...

2. I think that right now he's even more rich than he used to be there.. I wonder how much his gold stuff are worth if he sold them..

3. What's all that cash he has?
   > That cash is 1 million won!

4. I'm bitter, but also amazed

5. I'm fascinated as to how he was able to earn that much

6. I'm so curious about it, how does Dok2 have such a huge amount of cash?
  > He composes and writes lyrics. He also performs his own songs and appears on digital charts a lot, etc. All the royalties goes back to him and it's not like he divides his revenue with the company. There are no employees in his company and they are only 3 people. All the cash they make at events also 100% goes back to him. He also started promoting when he was super young and did a lot of featuring songs^ㅁ^and he's also one of the representative self-made rapper

7. He's seriously admirable... He earned all this through his own sweat

8. He's the representative of a self-made man.. He's too cool


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