Thursday, June 2, 2016

[instiz] WOULD YOU RATHER...

1. Going out with your bias/crush then breaking up to the point of not being able to see each other anymore

You've met each other when you were child and naturally started to date each other
You did everything that couples would normally do
On your 3rd year couple anniversary, you guys have the biggest fight ever
It was so serious that you decide not to contact each other anymore
There will be no reconciliation
He doesn't pick up your calls anymore
Until you die, you won't have any news about each other

2. Stay friends with your bias/crush for your whole life

Ever since middle school, you guys met each other and there's not a thing that you don't know about each other
When you think about your school days, you were always together
Every events of your lives were spent together (birthdays, weddings, etc)
If he doesn't have a girlfriend, you're the first one in the list
You know about your bias/crush's relationship concerns
But even if you're friend with him, there's a limit
He refuses to turn friendships into relationships so you'll only stay friends forever

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1. 22222222

2. 1111111111

3. 222222 At least I can see him all my life and won't break up with him ㅠㅠㅠ

4. 2222 if I don't have any news, I'll be way too sad..

5. 222 I like seeing Sunggyu, so I won't be able to break up with him and not hear about him anymore...

6. 22... If you break up with someone in bad terms... you'll have a bad image of that person for the rest of your life

7. 111 I think that #2 would be such a waste, at least I would have spent good memories with my bias even though we'll fight and not see each other anymore. But for #2, if he ends up marrying someone, I'll still not be able to see him anymore anyways

8. 1111111111111 I rather being able to hold hands together and do everything that couples do together and have that feeling once in my life... #2, living your life with a crush that cannot even be attained is just too hard..

9. 1111 if I only think about myself in #2, my heart won't be able to take the pain...

10. 111 if my entire life's crush cannot be attained, then I won't be able to marry nor date for my entire life...


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