Tuesday, June 7, 2016


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1. [+3320/-54]
What do they expect viewers to feel? Am I not supposed to vote for the people I like to walk the flower path? But if I do so, it's inevitable that the remaining will be sent to the dirt path... but the people who were sent to the dirt team were hating on the viewers... they made it so obvious that they were upset... anyways, please give a feedback for the viewers... ;;

2. [+2219/-110]
Jungkook-ah, you worked hard!!

3. [+2066/-126]
Minsuk-ah, let's walk on the flower path from now on!

4. [+1087/-180]
Today's episode's atmosphere was much better than last one.. it's probably because they grew closer to each other so they became more comfortableㅋㅋㅋㅋ make sure not to miss it, everyone worked hard

5. [+658/-88]
Should I give this show a try?
 > this is just a pilot program
 > no, don't watch it

6. [+431/-21]
Looks like Jo Seho-ssi reflected a lot about it. He was more careful with his words. Sorry for judging your whole personality based on that. By contrast, Seo Janghoon-ssi is so bad at managing his expressions. I was wondering if he was really a celebrity

7. [+413/-25]
Even though Jo Seho is at fault, he seemed really sorry and I liked seeing him working hard afterwards... He became close with Jungkook and Yoo Byungjae after thatㅠ and Seo Janghoon is exercising his seniority to the end...amazing 


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