Thursday, June 9, 2016


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1. [+2779, -287]
She's pretty and all but seeing her being so good at Korean makes her even prettier~~
 >Her face is seriously so pretty, she was the prettiest one on P101 because of Sejung and Chaeyeon she was overshadowed so I pitied her
 >She looks like that kid in EXID
 >She looks like Jung Eunji with bigger eyes
 >I acknowledge that she's better at Korean than Choa

2. [+1734, -203]
Wow She's a foreigner??? You wouldn't be able to tell from her name and face only

3. [+1681, -202]
Kyulkyung looks pretty at first, but her beagle personality is so cuteㅋㅋYou've suffered a lot so please rest well~

4. [+1406, -299]
Chaeyeon, Kyulkyung, Somi and Doyeon were the visuals of P101

5. [+918, -162]
The force of her prettinessㄷㄷ

6. [+506, -59]
She's a Chinese who forgot how to speak Chinese

7. [+442, -51]
When I saw her, I thought that she was a Korean with a strange name? When I saw the comments I realized she's Chinese but she's good in Korean

8. [+297, -28]
She's really not Korean? What kind of Korean skills are those..

9. [+254, -34]
She looks very unique..

10. [+283, -46]
She looks like a Chinese beauty. Chinese beauty's trait is that they have an aura


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