Thursday, June 9, 2016

[teen stories] DURING GYM CLASS

During our gym class the girls had to do push ups and all the guys gathered among themselves and sat behind us they were all talking about our butts and saying "look at her, her pants are stuck in her butt crack" like that and if we "moan" a bit because it was hard, they were all saying "aren't you guys so sexual" like that... There were 2 kids who asked the teacher if they could sit on the bench instead and the guys all went "Are you in your week?"... I thought that the guys in my class were kind but I was so disappointed ㅡㅡ

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ㅇ |2016.06.09 14:40 
When boys hit puberty, they're the most disgusting...

20 |2016.06.09 20:08 
When I was in middle school, there was a guy who hated a girl and he stripped her down, there was even a kid who put a diaper on her. Kids at those age... Have no manners

달려려 |2016.06.09 15:42 
What the f*ck you think that those guys would get excited by looking at you? There are so many people prettier than you in this world, why do you think we'd be excited when looking at you. There are so many girl group members who have top visuals around us

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.10 00:08 
The guys in our class assess girls with the longest and whitest legs they're so disgusting. All they do is sit in a PC bang and play games like they gave up on their lives


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