Monday, September 12, 2016


Age: 18

Okay, so here's my story... I'm turning 18 in a weeks time so.. I kind of have a phase right now.
When I was a little kid, my family and I used to move a lot but then, we finally settled down (thankfully) and then, I met him. We were 10 years old at that time and became classmates. He was a prefect and well, I was the new girl. Although, he was a prefect and nice to other people.. He really teased me a lot back then and I still remember chasing him around with my school dress on (I'm so ashamed of myself, haha) But then, the next year. I changed class and entered the another one with peace. When it was the last year of school before it was time to enter high school, we happened to go to the same tutoring class and school trip. I hated the school trip so much because of him. I dreaded everytime we went on the bus because then, I happened to be unluckily sitting in front of him and well, he would just kicked my seat and heck, I even switched seats with my friends and he even did that.. He had always been so annoying but then, there was this one time in our tutoring session. I was focused on writing my essay and he happened to be sitting like kind of in front of me. I was too happy to actually notice it in the first place because I loved writing but, while I was writing. I felt as if someone was watching me and I raised my head up to see him. He was looking with the fondest smile on his face and I swear my heart skipped a beat. He was handsome but I would never admit that to his face. I touched my face because he was chuckling as he looked at me. Thinking I had something, I rubbed my face and I even asked my friend from beside me... there was nothing particularly interesting on my face at that time so,I don't know... I was so confused by him.. He always teased me and he even made rumors of other guys liking me.. But then, we were separated because we went to different high schools but still, somehow at times we would end up seeing each other from afar. It would always be me with my family and him with his friends. I would be the one avoiding his eyes and him searching for me. You know what made me confused even more? We bumped early this year, before the both of us entered college or so..It was so painfully awkward..I was such a nervous wreck.. It was as if, I was sittig opposite to him when in reality I was facing my mom in the restaurant. It's so hard to focus when all I could see from afar that he was wathing every move I made with his group of friends while, my family was clueless of my actions. Every time, I forget about him.. We would end up meeting each other again and slowly, I'm thinking... Am I in love him? Did he used to like me? Does he still likes me? It doesn't help that I actually dreamt of him out of nowhere... please help a clueless girl.. I have never dated or what so ever so pretty please T.T

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