Sunday, September 18, 2016


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(18 years old) Im embarrassed of my guy friend because he's ugly ㅠㅠ Im studying at a prestigious all girls school. Our tuition fee is the most expensive out of all all-girls school in my country and our school is well known. My guy friend studies in the most prestigious school in the country, it's like the Seoul National University of my country. It's like everyone's dream school but my friend is ugly af. Girls in my school makes a big deal about having a boyfriend and who your boyfriend is. They expect you to have rich-handsome boyfriends from prestigious schools. So one day i was eating with my guy friend in the mall that is near at our school and my classmates saw us. They were from afar but i can see them teasing us. They were making heart gestures but then my ugly guy friend looked at them and they saw him and i could tell they were judging him. I felt so embarrassed being with him. After eating, i became paranoid so i always look around because i might see people i know. I hide whenever i see a batchmate of mine. I dont want them to see me with my guy friend because i dont want them to think he's my boyfriend because he's not so handsome. I really feel like a b*tch but i just dont want to be talked about in school ㅠㅠ

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